4000+ Unique worldwide symbols with a modern style

Symbolikon contains over 4000 symbols collected from worldwide civilizations in 4 styles and 4 graphic formats to light-up your designs.

Symbolikon - Visual Library of ancient symbols

Four different styles for every purpose

Every symbol has 4 different versions designed for its own distinct purpose

Scarab-Light egyptian symbol


Scarab-Light egyptian symbol


Scarab-Outline egyptian symbol


Scarab-Light egyptian symbol


Transform symbols into colorful illustrations with your favourite color palette

The colorable symbol style has been designed to be customized with user-selected color. Each individual element can be selected and modified, with either gradient or flat colors.

Symbolikon colorable version
Symbolikon - Antropographic research

The Digital Encyclopedia of Symbols

Currently the only resources available for a good research about symbology are paper books, Symbolikon Digital Encyclopedia is a collection of symbols taken from historical, global civilizations, literature, given a new life where ancient culture meets modern design. A web resource easy to access from wherever, where to find a vector graphic symbol, read its description and look for related symbology.

A complete collection of worldwide ancient symbols

Every symbol and each category is related to its own meaning


Adinkra symbols


Alchemy symbols


Ashtamangala symbols


Astrological symbols


Aztec symbols


Chakra symbols


Celtic symbols

Lakota Sioux

Lakota Sioux symbols

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Worldwide Ancient Symbols

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