Library of Ethno Esoteric Symbols for Creatives

Extended Visual Library of 650+ Ethnographic & Esoteric Symbols
organized in 25 categories with appropriate description and carefully Redesigned in a consistent and modern style. Currently a crowdfunding campaign is running on Kickstarter, give us the opportunity to make this library available to everyone! Catch the Exclusive Symbolikon Access supporting us!

What is Symbolikon project?

Before I made Symbolikon, I couldn’t find a comprehensive visual library of symbols throughout ages and cultures, a library that could give me an organic vision of symbology both in term of meanings and graphic signs.
 In addition graphic symbols were a chaotic jumble of different graphic styles and qualities coming from different sources and none offered a vector version of symbols. Anthropographic studies are too much wordy and complex for not experts.

Then the idea popped into my head “Transform human symbols in modern and usable icons” – standardized, simple, beautiful – and vectorized. And so over the course of the last year I focused myself in researching and designing these 650 unique glyphs to share with you – graphic designers, artists, tattoo artists, fashion designers, ceremonial magicians, activists, and aesthetes and symbol-lovers of all kinds.

Symbolikon set of worldwide ancient symbols through ages and cultures

Symbolikon - Visual Library of Worldwide Ancient Symbols - Worldwide map

Symbolikon is esoteric, mystic, religious, shamanic, folk, ethnic, worldwide, visual, textual, meaningful, beautiful, consistent, modern, useful…

The missing piece in graphic and communication resources.

Symbolikon - Visual Library of Worldwide Ancient Symbols - tag map

Each symbol comes in 4 variations

  1. Light
  2. Bold
  3. Outlined
  4. Greyed

With TAGS for an handy research

Each version has been adapted and designed for its specific purpose.
Tags related to each symbol make easy a fast and efficient research.

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