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1st degree wiccan Wicca

1st Degree Wiccan


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Description of 1st Degree Wiccan

There are three degrees of initiation in traditional British Wicca, as there are in many other traditions with similar beliefs. 1st Degree Wiccan initiation is available to all witches, but the second and third degrees are only open to those who actively seek and heed an inner summons. It is intended for newcomers to Wicca. A new initiate is customarily required to wait a year and a day before receiving their First-Degree rating. The initiate learns and usually adheres to a lesson plan set forth by the High Priestess or High Priest of the coven during this period. Books to read, written projects to complete, public activities, demonstrations of gained skills or information, etc. may all be included in such a lesson plan.

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