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Description of Artha

Artha is the concept of true order in Avesta and ancient religions (Avestian – asha, ancient Persian – artha, ancient Indian – Rta). The universal moral law of the universe Artha, materialized in light and fire, opposed the embodiment of lies, darkness, ritual filth – the Drug (created by Angro-Manyu). These images are close to the Vedic ideas about the cosmic law – Rta and go back to the common Indo-European prototypes. The Indo-European traditions are characterized by a sharp dualism of good and evil, the good spirits Ahura led by Ahura Mazda and the devas (monsters) led by Angro-Manyu, who brought sins, illnesses, death to the world created by Ahura Mazda and seek to destroy the good that, however, indestructibly and ultimately triumph over evil. Dualism was also inherent in the rest of the world – it was divided into the earthly (corporeal) and spiritual (otherworldly) spheres, where the struggle of good and evil forces also took place.
The Ahura of the Seven Chapters has wives, called Ahuranis, who, like Varuna’s Varunanis, are rain clouds and waters. Ahura is possessor of Asha, as Varuna is custodian of Rta (“Truth” or “cosmic order” = Asha = Old Persian. Arta). The sun is the “eye” of both deities, and the name of Ahura is at times joined to that of the god Mithra.

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