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Aupilaktunnguat-Purple Saxif Inuit

Aupilaktunnguat Purple Saxifrage

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Description of Aupilaktunnguat Purple Saxifrage

The Aupilaktunnguat, or Purple Saxifrage, holds great meaning for the Inuit of Nunavut. Its vibrant magenta blossoms signal an auspicious time of renewal in the Arctic spring, coinciding with the calving of caribou herds vital to Inuit survival.

Where berries are scarce beneath the tundra, the Aupilaktunnguat generously offers its sweet nectar to nourish both people and pollinators. Its stems and leaves may be boiled to produce a comforting tea on long winter evenings. Even the tough fibers were once blended with purchased tobacco, stretching valuable stores in an atmosphere of sharing.

Hardy and dependable and nature, the Purple Saxifrage persists despite frigid temperatures and short growing seasons. It is one of the first plants to reemerge after snowmelt, lighting the landscape with its lush colors. For the Inuit, the Aupilaktunnguat serves as a resilient symbol of endurance in harsh climes.

It is fitting that this special flora has been selected as Nunavut’s emblem. Just as the saxifrage plant has numerous uses important to Inuit traditions, so too does the territory rely on multifaceted relationships with the natural world. The Aupilaktunnguat’s deep cultural significance and ability to thrive make it an ideal representative of Inuit Ingirinaturutaujanngittualuk – core values of adaptability and communal interdependence upon the Arctic environment.

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