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Aya-Nin-Aya-Sherida-Sudag-Sudgan Sumerian

Aya Nin Aya Sherida


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Description of Aya Nin Aya Sherida

The goddess of the forest and animals, Aya, Nin-Aya, Sherida, Sudag, Sudgan, is one of the oldest deities in the pantheon of Mesopotamia. For the Akkadians, the name Aya was a representation of dawn and was also a symbol of sexual love. In the 20th and 21st centuries BCE, during the Ur III Sargonic period, she rose to fame as Aya. She was the wife of Shamash, but to the Babylonians, she was known as Kallattu, which is Babylonian for “the bride.” She was additionally revered in Shamash E-Babbar, although she was worshiped there separately.

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