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Aztec Color palette Tablet

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Aztec Color Palette

Unique Color Palette inspired by ancient Aztec civilization.

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Aztec color palette description

This Aztec color palette contain warm and vibrant hues that reflect the active and symbolic culture of the Aztec civilization. It’s possible that certain aspects of Aztec symbolism, such the sun, the earth, the water, and the sky, are reflected in the colors that are utilized in the palette.

For instance, the sun, which in Aztec civilization was a representation of power, vitality, and warmth, can be represented by a color that is very deep red. A hue that is earthy brown can be used to symbolize the earth, which is a symbol of fertility and stability. On the other hand, a color that is bright yellow can be used to represent the life-giving energy of the sun.

In addition, the color green is said to represent nature, while the color blue is said to represent water; all of these things were critical to the Aztecs’ ability to live. While the color blue was tied to the deity of rain and fertility, the color green was associated with growth, renewal, and abundance.

The creation of a one-of-a-kind and easily recognizable visual identity can be facilitated in contemporary design projects with the use of a color palette that takes its inspiration from the Aztec culture.

Through the use of color combinations with a high level of contrast, the palette can also give the user interface of a digital product the impression of depth and dimension. Designers are able to call attention to crucial components, differentiate between different types of material, and create a sense of balance and harmony through the use of colors that have varying amounts of saturation, brightness, and contrast.


An instant download of a ZIP folder contains:

⋙ .Swatches file
⋙ .Ase file (all Adobe software)
⋙ Color Guide Template
⋙ PDF file with Hex Codes for direct color picking
⋙ CMYK and RBG Color profiles


Our color palettes are fully compatibles with:
Procreate – Canva – Photoshop – Illustrator – Sketch – Figma – ZBrush
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