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Aztec font

Aztec font

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Aztec font

Inspired by Xiuhpōhualli, a 365-day calendar used by the Aztecs and other pre-Columbian Nahua peoples in central Mexico.
The Aztec Font font has been designed taking into consideration the typical geometry present in Aztec system of writings and architectures: trunked pyramids, circle plots, rectangular shapes, basically simple shapes merged together creating the letter shape.
The main characteristic of this font is to have a double line decoration always present in sculptures and bas-reliefs of Aztec manufacturing.
A decorative presence of a dot in the middle of circle letters which remind the use of dots in the “tonalpohualli” (days) symbolism.
The Aztec font comes together with a family of 20 symbols from Aztec symbolism.

Aztec font

Aztec Font Specifications

  • Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters
  • Full support for Latin 1 Standard 300 glyphs
  • TTF – OTF [for print&design usage]
  • WOFF – WOFF2 [for web usage]
  • Set of Ethnographic symbols [as font] of each specific culture

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