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Blazing Star Freemasonry vector

Blazing Star


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Description of Blazing Star

Blazing Star Masonic is one of the most prominent symbols of Freemasonry. The symbol of Masonic Blazing Star symbolizes God, the Creator and Supreme Being who cleanses us and transforms us into better, wiser individuals. It is said to stand in for the Bethlehem star, which guided the wise men to the baby Jesus. It is stated that the Masonic Blazing Star stands for wisdom. The Hebrew yod, like the letter G, was a well-known emblem of God, and it was usually positioned in the center of the star, further strengthening the Blazing Star’s metaphorical allusion to Divine Providence. The letter G is usually put in the center of the star, and so the symbolic relation of the Blazing Star to Divine Providence is significantly emphasized.

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