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Buddhism color palette Cover Tablet

Buddhism Color Palette

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Buddhism Color Palette

Unique Color Palette inspired by ancient Buddhism civilization.

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Buddhism color palette description

This is a color palette that was influenced by the iconography of Buddhism, and it has the ability to move digital items into a state of calm and compassion. These tones are symbolic of the religious and cultural practices that are associated with Buddhism. They reflect the teachings of the Buddha and the path that he followed on his way to enlightenment.

Enlightenment and spiritual insight can be seen emanating from the golden color, which is meant to represent the Buddha himself. White, which represents the emptiness and openness that may be found in the Buddha’s teachings, can contribute to the formation of an environment that is more tranquil and relaxing. It is possible to show the lotus flower, a significant symbol in Buddhism, in a variety of tones of pink, red, and white; these colors are meant to symbolize purity, love, and compassion. The eight auspicious symbols, which represent the Eightfold Path, feature a variety of colors, such as blue, yellow, and green, which contribute a touch of vitality and balance to the overall design.

These hues, when incorporated into modern design, have the ability to express the spirit of mindfulness, alertness, and compassion. Their application can be especially useful for developing digital goods that are associated with wellness behaviors like meditation and mindfulness.

The use of this Buddhism color palette in the user interface of a digital product has the potential to evoke feelings of harmony and balance. The use of colors that are harmonious with one another allows designers to produce identities that are consistent and visually appealing. The use of varying degrees of saturation, brightness, and contrast within the palette allows for the creation of depth and dimension, as well as balance and harmony. These effects can be achieved in a number of ways.


An instant download of a ZIP folder contains:

⋙ .Swatches file
⋙ .Ase file (all Adobe software)
⋙ Color Guide Template
⋙ PDF file with Hex Codes for direct color picking
⋙ CMYK and RBG Color profiles


Our color palettes are fully compatibles with:
Procreate – Canva – Photoshop – Illustrator – Sketch – Figma – ZBrush
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