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Sami symbols

sami symbols - saami symbols
sami symbols – saami symbols

Indigenous Samis people inhabit the Sapmi area, which extends outside the national state borders of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Russia. The Sami area of Finland comprises the municipalities of Enontekio, Utsjoki, Inari, and the furthest northern portion of the municipality of Sodankylä. However, more than half of Samis live outside the Sapmi region, which has a sizable and vibrant Sami population. The Samis speak Finno-Ugric Sami languages; these include Southern Sami, Ume Sami, Pite Sami, Lule Sami, and Northern Sami. Inari Sami, Skolt Sami, Kildin Sami, and Ter Sami are spoken in the east.
Animism, polytheism, and shamanism all play a part in the traditional Sami spiritual rituals and beliefs. Within Sapmi, the religious customs might vary from area to region. According to traditional Sami beliefs, all major natural objects (such as animals, plants, rocks, etc.) have souls, and from a polytheistic standpoint, there are many unconventional spirits. The adoration of the deceased and animal spirits is frequently emphasized in Sami traditional beliefs and customs. The kin group places a high value on its relationships with the indigenous animals that provide for its members, such as the reindeer.

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