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Sumerian symbols Mesopotamia Cuneiform
Sumerian symbols Mesopotamia Cuneiform

The Chalcolithic and early Bronze Ages, between the sixth and fifth millennia BC, saw the rise of Sumer, the first known civilization in the historical area of southern Mesopotamia. Its myriad innovations and accomplishments affected the inhabitants of the whole Mesopotamian Civilization. The Mesopotamian people revered the gods, whether they were father gods or mother goddesses since each deity possessed one or more connected powers. Mesopotamians communicated their views on human existence through their use of religion. Their literature is permeated with heavenly energy. The religion of Mesopotamia was polytheistic, and its pantheon included hundreds or perhaps thousands of gods of various statuses. Every city in ancient Mesopotamia had a unique patron god. Power and responsibility were assigned to every divinity. To honor these deities, temples were constructed. Most of them were immortalized in myths and legends. Here is a list of some significant Sumerian deities with their details.

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