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Dagan-Dagon Sumerian

Dagan Dagon


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Description of Dagan Dagon

Early Sumerian texts occasionally refer to Dagan, but it is not until later Akkadian inscriptions that he is depicted as a strong, warlike defender who is sometimes compared to Enlil. Some sources claim that Shala, a goddess, was Dagan’s wife. Fish and grain, both representing fertility and procreation, were used to symbolize Dagon. He is frequently shown as having a fish tail and a human torso, suggesting that he was the original merman, even before the merfolk (mermaids and mermen) of Greek mythology. All through the second millennium, Dagan’s significance to the middle Euphrates can be found. He is referred to as the guardian of Tuttul’s citizens in the Code of Hammurabi, and many people from this region are known to have names that contain the element, Dagan.

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