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Description of Darius

Darius was king of the Achaemenid state, ruled from 522-486 BC. The dominion of Darius became one of the key moments of the Achaemenid history: the empire reached not only its maximum territorial expansion, but also underwent profound reforms in tax and administrative terms. A new impetus to the development of the ideology of power was given by the start of work on the construction of royal residences in Susa and Persepolis. Written sources, mainly Greek, speaking of this important period in the history of the country, pay little attention to the details of the active confrontation between Persia – on the one hand, and Athens and other Greek city-states in Asia. In three and a half decades, Darius managed to include Cyrenaica and Thrace in the west into the empire, and also conquered India to the Indus in the east.

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