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Description of Erzulie

Erzulie is the first name of a significant group of female loa (goddesses) in the Voodoo pantheon. While they all share the function of the goddess of love, art, and sex, each also has other aspects of life that they are responsible for protecting and promoting. Erzulie has three different personas: La Siren, a personification of the sea and goddess of childbirth; Erzulie Freda, a virgin goddess compared to the Virgin Mary; Erzulie Dantor, the goddess of lust and jealousy. Dantor is the patron Ioa of Haiti and New Orleans, and as such, she is served by most Haitian women in both cities. As the protector of women’s wealth, she also encourages independent businesswomen. If their partners (male or female) act violently, many women invoke Erzulie Dantor against them. And wise men, particularly those who value, adore, and respect women, serve Dantor as well.

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