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Faravahar Persian symbol



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Description of Faravahar

Faravahar is a symbol of one of the most ancient religions called Zoroastrianism. This religion was widespread in the territory of modern Iran (formerly Persia) before the advent of Islam, but its followers exist today. It originates in the revelations of the prophet Zarathustra. Faravahar is a winged disc, in the center of which is the figure of an old man. The history of the faravahar dates back over 4000 years and comes from an older symbol. The winged disc was depicted for a long time without a human figure inside. It symbolized the sun, divine power, power. Later, the image of a human figure, looking in one direction, was added to the symbol. It is believed that the disk itself, in the view of ancient people, is the sun, and the wings (and tail) are the solar corona, which can be seen during a total eclipse. The man in the center is an old man, a collective image of the wisdom and reason of mankind.

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