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Fig FICUS RUMINALIS Roman empire symbol

Fig Ficus Ruminalis


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Description of Fig Ficus Ruminalis

For millennia, the fig, Ficus Ruminalis, has been linked to the foundation of Rome and considered an auspicious tree; it was venerated above all by shepherds, who made offerings of milk.
The fig tree is also linked to the legend of Romulus and Remus. The myths tell that the twins were born to Mars and Rhea Silvia after the God of war had forcibly possessed the young vestal virgin of Alba Longa. Being illegitimate offspring, the twins were therefore torn from their mother to be killed, but a merciful servant saved them from certain death by placing them instead in a basket, which was entrusted to the waters of the Tiber. Carried by the overflow of the river, the basket stopped in a pool under the ruminal fig tree, at the point where the she-wolf would come to nurse them.

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