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Flag of Nunavut Inuit

Flag of Nunavut

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Description of Flag of Nunavut

The Flag of Nunavut is composed of yellow and white fields separated vertically by a red inuksuk—a traditional Inuit land marker—with a blue star on the top right. The star signifies the Niqirtsuituq, the Northern Star, and the community’s older leadership. While red represents all of Canada, blue and yellow reflect the “richness of land, sea, and sky.” The flag’s height-to-width ratio is 9:16, and it was approved on April 1, 1999. Nunavut is Canada’s newest, biggest, and most northern territory. Iqaluit is its capital and major city; its population is estimated to be 38,780 (2019); and its land area is 2,093,190 km2.

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