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God Speaks Mu symbols

God Speaks

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Description of God Speaks

A depiction of some of the religious principles of Mu. The “God Speaks” symbol is meant to demonstrate that God communicates through the words of Mu. This cements their religious devotion to the Deity and their belief in his ultimate power. Found on a tablet unearthed in Mexican ruins.

General Mu description

The existence and symbols of Mu have remained shrouded in controversy since their initial discovery. Mu is a legendary lost continent that was first brought into public attention by James Churchwood, a British occult writer in 1926. According to Churchwood, Mu existed in the Pacific Ocean and was submerged and lost forever. This is also why it has sometimes been associated with Atlantis, the underwater lost city. Churchwood stated that Mu existed between Hawaii and as far as Easter Island and that it used to be inhabited by millions. He hypothesized that this may have been the original Garden of Eden. The inhabitants of the island were said to be over 50 million and were known as the Naacals. The Nacaals were technologically advanced and left behind tablets with a dead language. These were revealed to Churchward after persuading an Indian priest that Churchward was able to decode. Although fragments of larger text, it was enough for Churchwood to base his research on. The Mu symbols are representative of a cosmogony, meant to be communications from the first people who ever existed. Archaeologist Augustus Le Plongeon added on to this theory by connecting Mayan symbols to the legend of Mu by way of Atlantis. He postulated that Mayan sites were the birth of civilization, and that this population then traveled to Atlantis. As Mu was said to have submerged, and was often associated with the legendary lost city of Atlantis, legend and reality became somewhat entangled to bring about this idea of ancient civilization. Current science, however, suggests that both Churchwood and Le Plongeon were incorrect. There are no such geological remnants of this civilization to suggest their existence and the symbols are more associated with Mesoamerica and other archaeological remains. All definitions for these symbols are derived from the Churchward’s text on Mu symbology.

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