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Grapewine VITIS VIVIFERA Roman empire symbol

Grapevine Vitis Vivifera


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Description of Grapevine Vitis Vivifera

The grapevine, Vitis Vivifera, is said to have been revered since the first civilisations marked their name in history. The Greeks even introduced a specific, divine protector dedicated to the grape plant, Dionysius, while the Romans named their counterpart deity, Bacchus. A cult and a specific festivity, titled The Bacchanal, was dedicated to Bacchus (Bacchus), God of wine, vines and the harvest.

The first colonizers of Magna Grecia imported this plant to the lands where it soon spread like wildfire, becoming a cultural symbol which, in part, remains to this day. Judging by the depictions of vines in their tombs, historians believe the Etruscans are the ones who spread the grapevine throughout the region. Later, the Roman Empire transferred the cultivation of vines to all conquered populations as far as the climate permitted. 

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