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Greek Mythology color palette Tablet

Greek Mythology Color Palette

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Greek Mythology Color Palette

Unique Color Palette inspired by ancient Greek civilization.

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Greek Mythology color palette description

The color scheme of Greek mythology color palette was inspired by the vivid hues of the ancient Greeks, is certain to give your digital creations a hint of mythology.
Greeks are renowned for their appreciation of vivid, dramatic hues that capture the beauty of their surroundings. Every color had a specific meaning in their culture and iconography, from the rich blues of the Aegean Sea to the blazing oranges of the setting sun.
Blue was one of the most recognizable hues in Greek mythology. Poseidon, the sea god, and Athena, the goddess of knowledge, were both connected to this color. In addition to representing the sky and the skies, blue was frequently employed to signify the gods’ majesty and strength.
Red was yet another prominent hue in Greek mythology. As a result of its association with the god of battle, Ares, this color was frequently employed to denote bloodshed and violence. But it also stood for passion and love, as evidenced by the tale of Aphrodite, the goddess of love who was frequently pictured with a crimson gown.
Greek mythology also gave special significance to the color gold, which stood for power, prosperity, and divinity. Given that the gods’ skin was purported to be comprised of gold, it was frequently employed to depict the gods themselves. The decoration of temples and other holy places with gold also reflects the significance of the gods in Greek society.
You may give your designs a dash of mythology and history by utilizing these vibrant Greek colors.


An instant download of a ZIP folder contains:

⋙ .Swatches file
⋙ .Ase file (all Adobe software)
⋙ Color Guide Template
⋙ PDF file with Hex Codes for direct color picking
⋙ CMYK and RBG Color profiles


Our color palettes are fully compatibles with:
Procreate – Canva – Photoshop – Illustrator – Sketch – Figma – ZBrush
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