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Description of Gula

Gula was a goddess of healing. She was sometimes referred to as Meme, Ninisina, Nintinuga, and Ninkarrak. She is also referred to as the “great healer of the land” and the “great healer of the black-headed ones,” which shows her ‘national’ significance on a larger scale. Besides being described as a “herb grower,” “the woman who makes the broken up whole again,” and “creator of life in the land,” Gula also had other titles that point to her potential role as a fertility/vegetation goddess endowed with healing abilities. She is the daughter of Anu and the spouse of many warrior gods, including Pabilsag (in Isin), Ninurta (in Nippur), and Ningirsu (in Lagas), as well as the mother of three additional healing deities: Damu, Ninazu, and Gunurra.

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