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Harahel angel



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Description of HARAHEL

HARAHEL angel belongs to the choir of Archangels. It is attributed to those born from 11 to 15 January.
Element: Land.
Zodiac domicile: from 21st to 25th of Capricorn.
Through invocation it is possible to obtain: fertility in sterile subjects (and consequent birth of offspring), success in stock exchange and banking activities, as well as in everything related to gold and precious items.
It is the most productive of the Angels. The fertility he dispenses comes from the conjunction of the energies of Mercury and Jupiter, which he rules. His proteges have an omnipotent intelligence and ease in intellectual dissemination (publishing, radio, television, cinema); the individual, therefore, will succeed in intellectual activities, will learn easily and will pass the exams. His attitude will always be positive and he will spread the Good, the Beauty and the Truth. Success is ensured by invoking the Angel before, during and after the action. Of course, success depends on the individual abilities of each of us, but by praying to the Angel we get the opportunity to realize our abilities, our talents, our desires and projects. HARAHEL deals with the externalization of our moral purpose (or project). This is how our moral content will serve as the basis for the elaboration of our feelings; the person will boast an avant-garde morality, destined to be put into practice in the distant future. Applied to today’s behavior, it will be an irruption of the future in the present. From a practical point of view, this behavior (noble at the origin) can be configured as an outrageous idealism, let’s say out of place; in fact it happens that, due to its sublime character, it is used in an attempt to improve, to bring pimento to falsely spiritual, unpleasant-tasting nourishment. Therefore HARAHEL is a kind of funnel applied to Divine Thought; He is too close to material reality to be able to exert influences inherent in spirituality.

Developed qualities: respectful intelligence, submission to superiors, kindness, lucidity in the face of money, pleasure in educating others.
Defects canceled: ruin, failure, intellectual aberration, mental sterility.
Regency days: May 19th, August 3rd, October 15th, December 26th, March 7th. Time: 19.20 – 19.40.

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Angels main description

Angels Symbols Etymologically, “angel” means messenger, or minister. Stemming from the Hebrew word mal'akh, Angel is a name that indicates office and not nature, as Saint Augustine says. Angels can be defined by its creation of purely spiritual substances, created by God to be superior to man. Beings of pure spirit, angels do not possess a body, although some  writers have attributed a certain corporeality to them. They are an intermediary between heaven and earth, between God and man, which God uses to make pronouncements to humankind and to have His will carried out on earth. The Hebrew term has been translated into Greek with "anghelos" from which our word "Angel" is derived. Angels are the inhabitants of an intermediate kingdom between God and man, and as such they fill a void and, in their contact with the human world, can take absolutely unpredictable forms. Perhaps the very name, Angelo, is inappropriate in relation to the immense possibilities of these beings. Although deriving from the Greek "anghelos" which means "nuncio" or "messenger" the Angels are much more than simple bearers of news. They are true executors of the divine will. According to Christian canon, everything that exists in the immensity of creation falls under their jurisdiction and control. The oriental term "Deva" with which Angelic creatures are defined, also expresses their essence. "Deva'' derives from the Sanskrit word for "resplendent," or more precisely, a "Being of light." The word’s etymological root is "Dyaus" which, in English, can be translated as "little divinity.” To understand who the Inhabitants of the invisible worlds are, where they are and what they do, it is necessary to study the relationships between God, the Great Architect of the Universe, and the Hierarchies of the Celestial Beings that occupy the many different steps of the ladder, seen in a dream by Jacob, which extends from man to God.

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