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Hare spirit Inuit

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Description of Hare Spirit

The hare spirit animal theme is one of the new beginnings, especially around spring and the Spring Equinox. The hare encourages you to celebrate life and the surrounding people by constructing a house and realizing your aspirations to make room for new life and fresh starts. Besides being associated with ambition, athleticism, and ethics, hare individuals are also seen as sensitive and creative. The hare is not only linked to good things, though. Hares are viewed as being selfish, and even poor role models for others. Hare is associated with deceit and fraud and is said to be a joker. Even those who have studied medicine are shrewd, usually untrustworthy, and frequently self-centered. By tuning into moon cycles and comprehending the tides of movement in their own life, hares may help people recognize the indications all around them.

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