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Hedelmällisyyden jumalat Sami symbol

Hedelmällisyyden Jumala


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Description of Hedelmällisyyden Jumala

Hedelmällisyyden Jumala / Jumalat, which refers to both the Christian God and any other deity of any faith. It is the word for “god” in the Finnic languages and those of the Volga Finns (Mari, Erzya, and Moksha languages). Two sky gods in Finland, or one of two names for the sky deity, were known by the name Jumala. It is believed that Jumalat, a sky deity, derives from long-standing Finnic folklore, along with the related Estonian Jumal, Mari Jumo. This term took the place of the ancient Finno-Ugric word for “heaven” (ilma), which is still used in Sami and Permic but whose meaning in Finnic was changed to “air.” The Finnish god’s name, Ilmarinen still has its previous connotation.

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