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Hexagram (Unicursal) Wicca

Hexagram Unicursal


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Description of Hexagram Unicursal

The hexagram is most frequently portrayed in symbolism by two triangles that are interlocked, similar to the Star of David in Jewish tradition. The hexagram unicursal (drawn in a single line) is a more complex, six-sided design that is more typical of Wiccan tradition. Four auxiliary vertices—two on each side—and two primary vertices, one pointing above and one below; make up the triangle. The upward-pointing vertex is frequently thought to represent a man or the earthly world, while the highest vertex is claimed to be a representation of the Divine or the divine plane. The unicursal hexagram is two letters “Z”s, one drawn conventionally and the other with a mirror reflection overlaid such that its two edges touch. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn employed the shape, although there is very little information that truly describes how it was created. The Golden Dawn organization’s Rose Cross has the same enigmatic four triangles that appear to be sprouting from its core like the unicursal hexagram.

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