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Ifa divination board voodoo veve symbol

Ifa Divination Board

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Description of Ifa Divination Board

The divination tray used in Yoruba culture is called an Ifa Divination Board, or Opon Ifa. The Yoruba use divination to ascertain the divine realm’s will. Babalawo, or the diviner, is the master of Ifa, an intricate system of scriptures. He memorizes these passages and interprets them in line with the needs of a particular social or spiritual issue. A Babalawo communicates with Ifa through the Opon Ifa during divination consultations. Ifa can pinpoint the root causes and remedies of both individual and group issues and the restoration of spiritual balance. The face of Esu, the intermediate orisha between Ifá and the Babalawo, is often carved into the Opon Ifa’s perimeter to recognize his vital function during divine consultations and to allow the Babalowo to approach him directly.

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