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Japan Color Palette Tablet

Japan Color Palette

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Japan Color Palette

Unique Color Palette inspired by ancient Japan civilization.

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Japan color palette description

The vibrant range of colors that make up the Japanese color palette has profound historical and cultural roots. Each hue, from the fiery red of the Rising Sun to the tranquil blue of the sea, has a special significance that reflects Japan’s deep cultural heritage.
A Japan color palette, drawing inspiration from Japanese culture and symbolism, may inject fresh vitality into cutting-edge design initiatives. This color scheme’s startling tones will inject drama and energy into any design, while the deeper symbolic meanings of Japan’s hues will give depth and resonance.
Black, representing strength and sophistication, can provide an air of elegance and refinement to a design, while red, representing energy and vitality, can add a strong and passionate intensity to it. Green, representing nature and growth, can generate a sense of harmony and balance, while white, symbolizing purity and simplicity, can provide a sense of clarity and understated beauty. Yellow, representing the sun and warmth, can provide a vivacious and joyous spirit to a design, while blue, representing the ocean and the sky, can bring a sense of tranquility and quiet.
A Japan color palette can enrich contemporary design projects by adding a feeling of cultural depth and resonance, whether utilized as the primary color scheme or in subtle accents. Graphic designers, web designers, branders, and other visual artists can develop an original and compelling aesthetic by drawing inspiration from the vibrant and important hues of Japanese culture.


An instant download of a ZIP folder contains:

⋙ .Swatches file
⋙ .Ase file (all Adobe software)
⋙ Color Guide Template
⋙ PDF file with Hex Codes for direct color picking
⋙ CMYK and RBG Color profiles


Our color palettes are fully compatibles with:
Procreate – Canva – Photoshop – Illustrator – Sketch – Figma – ZBrush
You have just to import the files in your preferred software!

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