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Julius Caesar


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Description of Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar is counted amongst the most influential leaders of ancient Rome; a status spurred in part by his magnetic personality. Born in 100 BC. in a patrician family, Caesar marked history with his political, military and literary ability.

From a young age, Caesar is claimed to have demonstrated extraordinary intelligence and an unparalleled sense of determination. Thanks to his sharp rhetoric, diplomatic skill and natural ability to build alliances with those who crossed his path, Caesar’s political career came with many swift advancements, and he rose rapidly through the Roman hierarchies.
Caesar’s greatest claim to fame came during his work as a military commander. Under his leadership, a number of astounding victories were made during the conquest to extend the Roman Empire to the Western borders of Europe. His campaign in Gaul offers an exceptional example of Caesar’s unparalleled tactical and strategic skill whilst defeating the Celtic and Germanic tribes.

In addition to his military exploits, Caesar was a social and political reformer. Despite only a short stint as Rome’s dictator, Caesar introduced a number of reforms which sought to improve the conditions of Roman lives, including land laws and calendar reforms. But this only riled more controversy.

Even as dictator, Caesar was no stranger to opposition. His seizure of absolute power and the transformation of the Roman Republic into an Empire under his command was sometimes seen as a threat to freedom and the Roman republican tradition.
But despite his popularity spreading like wildfire, Caesar met his fate in 44 BC at the hands of conspirators. Whilst marking the end of an era, Caesar’s assassination is ascribed to the subsequent period of instability in Rome which led to the rise of Augustus and the founding of the Roman Empire. Caesar remains one of Western history’s most iconic figures, celebrated throughout the centuries for his conquests and long list of achievements. But his legacy comes stained with debate and controversy, spurred by his role in the fall of the Roman Republic.

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