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Lahmu Sumerian

Lahmu Lahamu


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Description of Lahmu Lahamu

Lahmu and Lahamu (the feminine variant of the name) are two creatures that are listed as ancestors of the sky deity Anu in different Mesopotamian god lists and incantations that detail the genealogy of important gods, including Enlil. Additionally, they play this part in the late epic Enuma Elish, which describes them as the progeny of Apsu, who is personified in this tale as another primordial entity, and Tiamat, an adversarial primordial character that is absent from earlier texts. Even though they were not gods and their names were not frequently spelled with the dingir sign denoting divinity, Lahmu was typically thought of as the servants of gods, particularly Enki, the deity of water, and subsequently his son Marduk, the tutelary god of Babylon. Besides being connected to fishing and domestic animals, they appeared to be protectors of rivers. They were used in ceremonies to fend off evil spirits and demons since they were apotropaic creatures.

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