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Laurel LAURUS NOBILIS Roman empire symbol

Laurel Laurus Nobilis


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Description of Laurel Laurus Nobilis

In ancient times, the laurel, Laurus Nobilis, was considered the plant of metamorphosis and enlightenment. It was the symbol of divine wisdom and therefore consecrated to the God Apollo. Roman farmers used to tie three laurel twigs with a red string to encourage the abundance of the harvest, especially wheat.

The ancient Romans cultivated laurel, considering it the noble plant par excellence, and placed a circular ornament made with laurel twigs on the heads of victorious poets and generals as a symbol of glory and victory. The Greeks anciently called the Laurel Daphne, in memory of the Nymph. It was commonplace to grow laurel in imperial gardens and the Roman emperors surrounded their heads with laurel during triumphs and ceremonies as if it were a crown.

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