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Description of Marassa

The Marassa are paradoxical spirits and the holy twins of Vodou. The Marassa control boundaries, cross gaps, embrace inconsistencies, embody them, and find a way to reconcile them. The term “Mabasa,” which means “those who come split” or “the one who comes as two,” is a Kikongo word. They are mystical, revered, strong, and enigmatic spirits. Although they are young, they are old. The Marassa are extremely gifted healers and kid protectors. The Marassa are customarily fed from and symbolized by unique ritual bowls with three chambers, one chamber for each kid. The bowls also represent generation and reproduction since Yin and Yang, or male and female, are opposite forces that combine to form a third. Twins are seen as imperfect in esoteric Vodou cosmology. The third, the delayed triplet, will complete them. The twins are the predecessors of this third. After twins, the birth of a single kid is seen as even more miraculously potent.

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