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Description of Mars Seal

The Mars Seal is one of seven symbolic planetary seals conceived by Anthroposophy founder Rudolf Steiner. He described how these seals represent spiritual forces and human qualities. Replicas of the seals adorn the original Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.
In Anthroposophy, Mars correlates to specific aspects of human consciousness and our inner drives. By contemplating and balancing these Martian traits, one can purportedly gain insights into spiritual laws and human nature.
The Seal’s symbols represent the integration of contrasting forces – ascending and descending, inward and outward, the divine spark manifested in the world. Mars energy encompasses courage, strength, initiative and the will to transform.
Working meditatively with the Mars Seal helps Anthroposophists identify, appreciate and harmonize their inner Martian qualities into higher purpose. By understanding one’s own traits through the Seal, greater comprehension of others emerges.
The Mars Seal serves as a tool aligning human will with divine will. It provides a symbolic key to cultivate and elevate the Mars energies within every individual. By integrating and directing these forces consciously, personal growth and spiritual evolution can occur.
For Anthroposophy, the Mars Seal represents the process of finding meaning and purpose through inner exploration. Its symbols provide occult insight into human drives and motivations. Harnessing these as spiritual forces enables development of character and social harmony.

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