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Matsya Yantra


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Description of Matsya Yantra

Matsya Yantra is a powerful and divine instrument that comprises the immense bliss of Lord Vishnu. Matsya Yantra is so powerful that it can ward off even the worst curses anyone’s ever thrown at you. It is also called “Basha Mukti Yantra”. The Yantra produces good virtues and noble thoughts within a person’s mind and heart and repels the harmful effects of evil spirits. This Yantra should be installed and worshiped to erase Vastu’s faults from all dwellings. Matsya Yantra can also shield the follower from all kinds of black magic and the negative effects of the environment.

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Yantra main description

  Yantra Symbols Yantras are sacred symbols used for worshiping gods and goddesses. The term Yantra means “instrument,” “mechanism” or “device” in classical Sanskrit. It holds great significance in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. They are used to adorning the entrances of houses and the floors of temples. According to ancient scriptures, these Yantras represent divinities and cosmic powers. Every deity has its Yantra, has its specific purpose, its meaning. These Yantras are visual Mantras, and these have been used to gain success, wealth, and power, and to get protection from the influences of evil and negative energies. These sacred symbols are instruments used to enhance human life in a variety of dimensions. Yantras can be either flat or in three dimensions. It can be painted or designed on paper, etched on metal, or any flat surface. Here are a few of the most popular Yantras for good luck that help bring luck to your home.

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