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Description of Mitra

Mitra is an ancient Iranian deity. Mitra is associated with the idea of ​​a contract, embodies the benevolent side of the divine essence, the guarantor of the relations existing in the world. He also acts as the god of daylight, the sun.
First mentioned in the Avesta. In historical sources, it is interpreted as a personified concept of a contract and in many cases it is translated not as a proper name, but as a “contract”. Mitra is credited with organizing and ordering life on earth, protecting the country from discord and war, and ensuring harmony between people. Mitra also acts as the organizer of the natural cosmos: the filler of rivers and reservoirs, the owner of rains, pastures, and crops.
Mitra is one of the Yazat gods in Avesta mythology. Yazata (Avesta. “revered”) – in Zoroastrian mythology, a special kind of deities close to Ahura Mazda, his assistants and retinue.

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