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Mobed Zoroastrian priest


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Description of Mobed Zoroastrian priest

Mobed is a Zoroastrian priest. According to the Zoroastrians, the mobeds are the descendants of the first disciples of the prophet Zarathushtra. Only a healthy man from the Mobed clan, who has not committed inexcusable sins, can become a mobed. Prior to initiation, the future mobed must complete training, pass exams, serve as a khirbad, undergo purification and initiation rites, which takes from 10 to 15 years. Prior to initiation, the candidate must marry a Zoroastrian woman whose parents are also Zoroastrian. Mobed has the right to read during the service all parts of the Avesta and perform all the rituals. The ranks of mobeds are determined by their role in the service of the sacred fire. The mobed has the right to vote in the assembly of the mobeds. The highest body of the Zoroastrian priesthood is the Anjoman Magi of Iran.

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