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Description of Moon Seal

The Moon Seal symbol is one of seven planetary seals conceived and illustrated by Rudolf Steiner, founder of Anthroposophy. These symbolic seals adorned the first Goetheanum building, encapsulating core Anthroposophical principles.
Anthroposophy teaches that the Moon Seal appears etherically on individuals alongside other spiritual symbols. These emblems link cosmic forces and beings to human existence. Anthroposophy believes the Moon Seal symbol manifests through self-development over a lifetime for those progressing spiritually.
The crescent moons and inverted triangle represent waxing and waning forces. The points signify sun forces streaming in, transformed within, and radiating outward. The center circle embodies harmonizing power enabling balanced exchange.
For Anthroposophists, the rich Moon Seal symbol signifies one’s dynamic integration with the cosmos – absorbing nourishment, transforming within, and sharing wisdom. It appears once inner lunar forces are refined through personal growth.
Anthroposophy holds that clairvoyance reveals such spiritual symbols. By contemplating the Moon Seal’s occult meaning and integrating its lessons symbolically, Anthroposophists seek elevated cosmic consciousness.
The multidimensional Moon Seal symbol provides Anthroposophists an emblematic key to ascending through inner development toward cosmic attunement. Steiner empowered spiritual seekers with contemplative symbols elucidating Anthroposophy’s esoteric wisdom.

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