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Description of Mystical Lamb

In Anthroposophy, the Mystical Lamb symbol encapsulates core principles of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual philosophy. The Mystical Lamb represents Christ, the second person in the Christian Trinity, who sacrificed himself for humanity’s salvation. More broadly, the Lamb symbolizes the ‘Christ consciousness’ within every individual.
According to Anthroposophy, humankind will gradually transform into a peaceful, harmonious society guided by this universal Christ consciousness. The Mystical Lamb embodies this future state of enlightened ‘group soul.’ The sacrifice of the Lamb makes this evolutionary leap possible by reconciling humanity’s spiritual and material natures.
The four creatures – Eagle, Lion, Bull, Man – represent four epochs that lead to this enlightened era. In Anthroposophy, one’s moral development should progress through these epochs from instinct (Bull), to courage (Lion), to rationality (Man), to love (Eagle). Like the evolving epochs, the seven seals depict cosmic evolution from Old Saturn to Future Vulcan.
For the Anthroposophist, the Mystical Lamb signifies the Christ force that guides both inner moral development and outer cosmic evolution. By recognizing the Lamb within, the individual can attain higher wisdom and help usher in an enlightened future age. The Mystical Lamb provides Anthroposophy as an empowering symbol of humankind’s cosmic purpose.

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