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Description of Nergal

The Mesopotamian deity Nergal is the Lord of the Underworld and the god of death, sickness, and plague. Nergal was one of the major deities revered by the Babylonians; he was initially connected with agriculture but subsequently came to be linked with battle, destruction, and death. His parents were the air god Enlil and the fertility goddess Ninlilc. The apotropaic characteristics assigned to Nergal and his circle are strengthened by his connection to demons and illness, even though chthonic deities as a class are frequently given similar attributes. Nergal, who also enjoyed patronage over Maskan-Sapir, had his primary cult center in Kutha. Nergal cults have also been documented in Dilbat, Isin, Larsa, Nippur, Ur, and Uruk.

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