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Ningirsu-Ninurta Sumerian

Ninurta Ningirsu


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Description of Ninurta Ningirsu

The Sumerian and Akkadian hero-god of war, hunting, and the south wind is known as Ninurta (also known as Ningirsu, Pabilsag, and the biblical Nimrod). As an agricultural deity and local deity of the towns of Girsu as Ningirsu and Larak (as Pabilsag), both Sumerian villages, he first appears in writings in the early third millennium BCE. Enlil and Ninhursag, or Enlil and Ninlil in other tales, were the parents of Ninurta. Gula, the goddess of healing, was his wife; but, in older inscriptions, he was wedded to the goddess Bau as Ningirsu. He was mostly known for his aggression, but he was also linked to healing and protection (thus his connection to Gula), and he was regularly summoned in spells to ward off danger, demons, and illness.

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