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Nisaba-Nanibgal-Nunbarshegunu Sumerian

Nisaba Nanibgal Nunbarshegunu


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Description of Nisaba Nanibgal Nunbarshegunu

Nidaba, Nanibgal, and Nunbarshegunu were some of the other names for Nisaba, the goddess of agriculture and grain. She was well-known as the scribe of the gods, who received praise for her affinity for learning and writing. Nisaba, Nanibgal, Nunbarshegunu was revered as the goddess of writing, accounting, and scribal knowledge starting around 2125 BC, but she had been adored as the goddess of grain and harvest since before 2900 BC. The previous representation of the goddess Nisaba featured her with four long, curly strands of hair capped with a horned headpiece, holding a cluster of dates beside wheat ears and a crescent moon. She was depicted subsequently clutching a clay tablet bearing an image of the starry heaven and a gold stylus.

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