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King Numa Pompilius Roman empire symbol

Numa Pompilius


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Description of Numa Pompilius

Numa Pompilius was the second king of Rome, and his reign was dedicated to peace and religion. He was originally from Cures, a Sabine city, and was chosen as Romulus’ successor after his death. Historians consider Numa a wise and pious man, who had allegedly garnered a privileged relationship with the deities. To prove his devotion to the divine, Numa founded the cult of Capitoline Jupiter, the supreme god of the Romans, and built a dedicated temple on the Capitoline Hill. Numa made shockwaves in the social world which reverberate to this day, establishing the 12-month Roman calendar and multiple religious festivals. Numa also created the priestly colleges of pontiffs, augurs, vestals and salii. Numa died of old age and was buried on the Janiculum Hill.

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