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Description of Ogun

The West African Yoruba people worship Ogun, also known as Ogun Onire, as their deity of iron and warfare. According to Yoruba mythology, Ogun and the other gods rode a spiderweb to the surface of the world. The gods saw the need for greater land clearing once creation was complete since that was where they were living: in the forest. Sadly, the only equipment in hand was composed of soft metal, which is not a suitable material for felling trees. Ogun, however, used an iron ax to clear the forest after receiving the secret to iron from Orunmila, the son of the supreme god Olorun. The other gods and humankind subsequently learned the iron’s secret from Ogun. Along with that, he showed them how to forge iron into weapons. Ogun is a violent deity, yet despite this, he is kind and will aid people who pray to him. Yoruba blacksmiths often offer dogs as sacrifices to Ogun, and they also organize an annual three-day celebration in his honor.

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