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Description of Pantheon

While most Roman temples focused on a singular deity, the Pantheon was dedicated to the entire array of Roman Gods. It was built between 27-25 BC by the consul Marco Vipsanio Agrippa — favorite architect and son-in-law of Augustus — who entrusted its construction to Lucio Cocceio Aucto. Cassius Dio Cocceiano lists it with the Basilica of Neptune and the Laconian Gymnasium among the works built at his expense by Agrippa in the Campus Martius.

Subsequently the temple collapsed and was rebuilt by Hadrian, perhaps at the hands of the architect Apollodorus with the result that we can see today. On the building, there is the Latin inscription “Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, consul for the third time, built” — but in reality, Agrippa built the first version of the Colosseum, which is not today’s version.

Its original structure, as seen from the excavations carried out for its maintenance, consisted of an almost square temple, wider than it was long, designed in Greek style and consecrated to the seven Roman deities.

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