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Description of Pisces Seal

The Pisces Seal depicts two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the constellation Pisces. In Anthroposophy, it signifies spiritual renewal, transition and the passage from old to new.
The duality of the fish symbolizes the ego and universal self, seeming to move apart yet ultimately united in the cosmic flow. Anthroposophy associates Pisces with the mystic death of the individual ego and rebirth into an enlightened state of unity.
Letting go of the smaller sense of self allows one to dissolve into the vaster consciousness of the universe. This surrender of ego-identification is seen as a crucial stage of spiritual development.
The Pisces Seal represents the soul’s cycle of incarnation – death of the limited personality leading to rebirth in wider awareness. It encourages fluidity, faith in larger cosmic forces and trust in the unknown.
For the meditating Anthroposophist, the Pisces Seal provides insight into spiritual liberation. By contemplating its symbols, one can align with archetypal energies of dissolution, renewal and transcendence of the egoic self.
On a cultural level, this Seal signifies humanity’s collective journey towards enlightenment. As the ego-centric Piscean age gives way to the Aquarian, unity and universality emerge.
Capturing the mystic essence of its constellation, the multidimensional Pisces Seal reveals Anthroposophy’s view of existence as a continuum of spiritual evolution towards cosmic wholeness.

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