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King Romulus Roman empire symbol

Romulus – First king of Rome


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Description of Romulus - First king of Rome

Romulus was the first king of Rome of 7 king of Rome, who characterized his reign by numerous military and civil exploits, the Monarchy Romulus. He conquered his neighbouring territories, including the Sabines, the Latins and the Etruscans, expanding the borders of Rome.

Romulus formed the first political and social institutions of Rome, such as the Senate or “King’s Council”, composed of 100 elderly patricians and the three tribes of the Ramnes, the Tities and the Luceres. Amongst his most famous accolades, Romulus was the creator of the Roman legion, made up of 3000 infantry and 300 cavalry. According to Roman legend, Romulus rose to the heavens during a storm, inciting the Romans to adopt him as a God under the name Quirinus.

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