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Description of Rose

The rose as a symbol of love (red rose) became known all over the world, including thanks to Persia. Persian legends captured the legends about the birth of the red rose: the sweet-voiced nightingale was captivated by the beauty of the white rose, he hugged it strongly. The sharp thorns of the flower pierced his heart, and the blood of the bird dyed the petals of the rose. So the red rose became a symbol of sacrificial true love in Persia, love for which you can sacrifice everything. In Persia, the rose was so revered that even the country itself was called Gyulistan – the Land of Roses (“gul” – rose). Of the Persian poets, the famous Hafiz especially revered the rose, in memory of which he was buried in the town of Kesser, representing the most extensive rose garden in the whole world. The rose is often found on traditional Persian carpets and means: white – Innocence; red – Passion and love; general – Mystery.

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