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Saami flag Sami symbol

Sami flag


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Description of Sami flag

The Sami flag, commonly referred to as the Sami national flag or the Sami flag of the Sami people, is the official flag of the Sami people, the native inhabitants of Sapmi, a territory that includes portions of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Marit Stueng, a politician and activist from Karajohka, created the first unofficial Sami flag in 1962 using the same color scheme as gakti, the traditional Sami garment. The 13th Nordic Sami Conference, which was held in Are, Sweden, acknowledged and unveiled the first official Sami flag on August 15, 1986. Astrid Bahl, a Coast Sami artist, contributed the artwork. The initial Sami flag’s fundamental design was kept, but Bahl added the shade of green that is seen frequently on South Sami gaktis. Since then, these four hues have been referred to as “the Sami (national) colors.” She also added a design inspired by the sun-and-moon motif found on many shaman’s drums.

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