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Shamanic drum-lbold-400w

Sami shamanic drum


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Description of Sami shamanic drum

A Sami shamanic drum is a ceremonial drum used in shamanic rituals by the Sami people of Northern Europe. The two primary oval-shaped types of Sami ceremonial drums are a bowl drum with the drumhead stretched over a burl and a frame drum with the drumhead stretched over a narrow ring of bentwood. Reindeer skin is used to make the drumhead. The drum is employed by the noaidi (Shaman) to create a trance-like condition. He continues to beat the drum with a relentless pace until he fall asleep or into a trance. His unfettered soul may go into the spirit realms or to other locations in the physical realm while he is in this trance. The Sami Drum serves a variety of ceremonial purposes besides serving as a representation of Sami culture and identity.

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