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Description of Scorpio Seal

The Scorpio Seal depicts the scorpion, representing the zodiacal sign Scorpio which is associated with intensity, secrecy and the concept of death/rebirth. In Anthroposophy, this Seal symbolizes the penetrating insight and transformative power of Scorpio energy.
Scorpio intuition pries beneath surface appearances to reveal hidden truths. Just as the scorpion survives lethal encounters by periodically shedding its exoskeleton, Scorpio embodies the phoenix capacity for self-renewal through overcoming charged ordeals.
The Seal signifies the importance of courageously exploring life’s deepest mysteries to fuel radical metamorphosis. By willingly traversing the shadowed unconscious realms, fear dissolves and wisdom grows. Outdated parts of the self perish, making space for evolution.
For the meditating Anthroposophist, the Scorpio Seal represents attuning to the occult forces governing cycles of creation and destruction. Contemplating the Seal strengthens one’s ability to delve into the unknown and effectively purify limitations.
On a societal level, this emblem stands for processes of exposing corruption and purging dysfunctional elements of civilization to enable societal rebirth. It marks humanity’s need for transformation even through difficulty.
Evoking the relentless resilience of its astrological namesake, the penetrating Scorpio Seal is an empowering symbol in Anthroposophy, affirming that by sincerely exploring darkness, light is found. What poisons also cures.

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