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Second Apocalyptic Seal Anthroposophy symbol

Second Apocalyptic Seal

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Description of Second Apocalyptic Seal

In Anthroposophy, the Second Apocalyptic Seal relates to the concept of “etherization of the blood,” representing a pivotal stage in human spiritual evolution. According to Rudolf Steiner, the etheric body – a subtle energy field interpenetrating the physical body – is becoming more active and perceptible in people.
The etheric body and blood are intimately connected. As the etheric body awakens, it transforms the blood’s qualities and functions. Steiner believed this etherization of the blood would profoundly impact society and culture, giving rise to new forms of spirituality, science, and art.
The Second Seal depicts a red bull, representing the vigorous etheric forces stimulating the blood and inner drives. The rainbow above symbolizes enlightened transformation of these primal energies into higher capacities like creativity and compassion.
For Anthroposophists, meditating on the Second Seal provides insight into the etheric dimension and its role in spiritual growth. It represents the integration of our animal nature with the developing higher self.
On a cultural scale, the Seal signifies emerging global empathy, intuition and ecological awareness. Humanity is entering an era where materialism transforms into conscious cooperation with natural forces. The Seal marks the dawn of spiritually enlightened civilization.
The profound Second Apocalyptic Seal distills Anthroposophy’s vision of human progress through integrating our etheric and physical natures. By raising consciousness, we gain positive power over innate drives and desires. The Seal charts the next stage in realization of humankind’s cosmic destiny.

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